It is not always possible to leave pets with family or friends when we go on holiday. However, we don't want to go away without being absolutely certain that our furry friends are going to be well cared for in our absence.

This is where a boarding kennel can be a good solution. The sound of a kennel does not always sound appealing to some owners, but if we can be sure of choosing the right one, your pet will feel like they have had a fun holiday all of their own!

How to find the right boarding kennel

  • Recommendations are key when it comes to finding the perfect kennel. Ask around friends, family and workmates to see if there is a name that keeps being mentioned.
  • Look for local kennels through adverts on Facebook, in the Yellow pages or the local newspaper. You may wish to visit a few before you find one that you are happy with.
  • Do your research by looking for any online reviews.
Questions to ask a boarding kennel
  • Does the kennel have the appropriate licence? Councils will require kennels and catteries to have one.
  • Is there kennel insurance, just in case your pet requires emergency care?
  • How often are the pets walked and given exercise time?
  • How many staff are there per animal? Will your pet have an allocated carer?
Things to look out for when you visit
  • Did the facilities look clean and well cared for?
  • Did the staff make you feel welcome and have shown you around without trying to hide anything?
  • Were there any signs of pets being anxious, bad odours or small, enclosed spaces where animals were being kept? These could be warning signs of a badly run kennel.

It can be a good idea to take your pet along to the cat boarding kennel or dog boarding kennel to help them get used to the people and surroundings. This could be helpful in reducing any stress and nervousness should you decide to arrange a stay.

Make sure that your pets are up to date with any vaccinations and worming, as this will help to protect them from any germs that other pets may have. A good kennel will ask for proof that your pet has had all of the appropriate treatment.

Be sure to leave clear care instructions with the owner of the kennel. They should ask you about any illness, injuries, special dietary requirements and regular medication that your pet may need. Also check with your local vet to see if you can add the kennels details to your pets microchip, just in case they escape and you are unavailable to come back quickly enough.

Leave the pet boarding facility with a couple of contact numbers for you and a local family member, along with your preferred vets details should they require any medical attention.

As pet owners we know when something is right for our extended family member. If you feel that your dog, cat or small animal will be very unhappy and stressed to the point of exhaustion, you may need to consider alternative arrangements, such as a pet sitter who can stay in the familiar surroundings of home.

Post By Marc