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Complete Bearded Dragon Care Guide

Like owning any pet, getting a Bearded Dragon is a great responsibility, and not something you should even consider doing unless you are 100% informed and completely prepared to care for and look after these animals. There are many things you ought to take

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7 Of The Most Unusual Pets...Ever

We love our cats and dogs but some people would rather have more.... unique animals as friends. Depending on the animal that they have got their heart set on this is actually quite achievable, and once a few hurdles are overcome the relationship can be just

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Bearded Dragons – Cleaning and Hygiene

Once you have made the decision to buy a bearded dragon and you have a suitable habitat picked out it’s time to learn all about the cleaning and maintenance needed to keep a bearded dragon healthy and happy. This is a huge factor in the care of any pet,

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Bearded Dragons – Feeding and Eating

Diet is a central part of pet care, so if you are considering getting a bearded dragon one of the first things to learn about should be what your ‘beardie’ will eat and how to feed them. An important aspect of simulating their natural environment is getting

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How to Start Keeping Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons are one of the easiest reptiles to handle and have become very popular in recent years with both adults and children. Originating from central Australia where they enjoy an arid environment with plenty of heat and sun, it is important for those

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