Money Saving Tips For Dog Owners

With the cost of living crisis taking hold for many households, we are now all looking at ways to save money wherever we can. From energy to water bills, it is sometimes possible to shop around and find better deals that can reduce costs, giving us back a

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How Can I Protect My Cat From Cold Weather?

The weather in the UK is often unpredictable, with summer storms and autumn heatwaves. The winters can be particularly harsh, with flooding and snow flurries that can be hard to avoid if your cat is out in the open and unable to get back into the house.  

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A Guide To Large Breed Dog Food

You may think that one size fits all when it comes to dog food, but that actually isn’t the case. Larger dogs will have different needs to smaller breeds, which can be addressed in a variety of different ways through what they eat.

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Is Insect Based Protein Good For Dogs?

The majority of our pet food comes from a by-product of meat and fish, which when you take into account that an estimated 49% of adults in the UK owns a pet, is an incredible amount. The production of this pet food has a significant impact on our environment,

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A Healthier Diet For Your Dog With Natural Fish4Dogs Dry Food

Now that we are well into 2022, it’s the perfect time to review the type of food that you are giving to your dog. Natural is most certainly preferable, due to less preservatives and healthier ingredients.

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