The UK has seen a recent proposal from the Government to ban American Bully XL dogs. This ban carries significant implications for owners who are currently caring for dogs within this breed category. Understanding the law’s nuances is crucial to ensuring compliance and maintaining harmony with your XL Bully Dog.


Understanding The New Law

The ban, scheduled to take effect from 1 February 2024, outlines stringent regulations for owning an American Bully XL dog in the UK. A pivotal requirement is obtaining a Certificate of Exemption, essential for continuing ownership past the deadline.

What is an American XL Bully Dog?

Some primary queries surrounding XL Bully classification revolve around determining if a dog falls within the category. The UK Government offers official guidance describing the physical attributes that characterise the dog breed. The characteristics include a robust and muscular physique, accompanied by a distinctive blocky head. Additionally, the guidelines specify height requirements, with males measuring at least 20 inches (51cm) and females at 19 inches (48cm). 

XL Bully Dogs And Muzzles

From 31 December 2023, XL Bully dogs must be wearing a muzzle and be on a lead in public. Muzzles have often been misunderstood, but under the new law, they become a vital component of responsible ownership for XL Bully dogs. Contrary to misconceptions, muzzles serve as a safety measure, ensuring compliance and safety in public spaces.

Properly introducing a muzzle to your XL Bully is crucial. Thus, training and acclimation to the muzzle should be done gradually and positively to ensure comfort and compliance.

Our Store’s Role In Compliance

To aid in compliance with the upcoming ban, we at The Pet Express offer a range of high-quality muzzles from Basketville Ultra Dog Muzzle to Basketville Anti Scavenge Dog Muzzle for your convenience. Ensuring your dog’s comfort and safety with the right fit, our store takes this seriously by providing comprehensive guidance through detailed size guides.

We understand the challenges faced by XL Bully dog owners amidst this new law, and our store aims to support owners in ensuring the safety and comfort of their pets while complying with legal requirements.

Preparing For The Ban

For current owners, preparing for the ban involves multiple steps, including microchipping, neutering, and obtaining third-party liability insurance. Understanding these requirements and adhering to them within the specified time frames is crucial.

Staying informed and updated about the evolving situation surrounding the ban is equally important. Keeping track of official announcements and changes in regulations is essential for responsible ownership.

How to Obtain A Certificate of Exemption

As of 1 February 2024, owning an XL Bully dog in England and Wales without a valid Certificate of Exemption will constitute a criminal offence. To obtain this certificate, you must pay a £92.40 application fee per dog and possess third-party public liability insurance for banned dog breeds, with knowledge of the insurance start date. 

The application for a Certificate of Exemption can be completed via the Government’s website using an online portal, downloading the form for postal application, or applying by email. 

How to Possess Third-Party Public Liability Insurance

Acquiring third-party public liability insurance for your XL Bully dog is an essential requirement under the new regulations. The insurance coverage should commence no later than 1 February 2024, and Dogs Trust Membership offers a viable option to fulfil this requirement. This insurance serves as a protective measure, providing coverage for potential incidents or accidents involving your XL Bully dog in public spaces, safeguarding both your pet and others.

Microchipping Your XL Bully Dog

A certified microchip implanter will carefully insert the microchip beneath your dog’s skin, typically between the shoulder blades, a process routinely performed by veterinarians or trained nurses. It is crucial to have this procedure conducted by a qualified individual to mitigate potential complications arising from incorrect implantation. 

Once placed, the microchip is a lifelong identification method for your pet. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure this process is carried out by a trained professional. For more information, visit the Government’s website on getting your dog microchipped.

The proposed ban on American Bully XL dogs in the UK necessitates a proactive approach from current owners. By understanding the law, embracing the use of muzzles, obtaining Certificates of Exemptions, and preparing diligently, owners can navigate this change while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their dog companion. Compliance and responsible ownership serve as pillars for maintaining the bond between owners and their beloved pets. Remember, while these changes may seem daunting, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or guidance on our dog muzzles.


Post By Kalia