Flat Pack Wooden Dog Kennel With Flat RoofIf your dog's kennel is starting to look at bit weathered and worn, why not treat to your beloved pooch to a warm new  cosy home this Christmas? Perfect for winter, we stock a fantastic selection of wooden and plastic dog kennels that will provide your dog with the perfect place to relax and shelter themselves from the elements when they're outside.

Remaining on our ‘most popular’ list since 2011, our Flat Pack Wooden Dog Kennel With Flat Roof has a contemporary design and is raised on sturdy legs. Featuring rubber feet to help keep it dry and avoid damp during the winter months, plastic flaps seal the entrance-way and help to keep cold winds at bay. What's more, the flat, removable roof can be lifted off to facilitate cleaning.

Delivered flat-packed and ready to build, this lovely little dog kennel will fit comfortably in any garden shed, conservatory or sheltered patio, and with suitable bedding, will keep you faithful friend warm and dry all winter long.

Another popular choice when it comes to dog kennels is the Mr Snugs Standard Dog Kennel.  Designed to provide a secure shelter against the wind and rain, these terrific dog kennels are made from a single piece of moulded plastic so that there are no weak spots which could potentially spring a leak.

Mr Snugs Standard Dog Kennel - GreenDelivered ready to move into, these hard-wearing dog kennels from Mr Snugs are perfect for indoors and outdoor use, and at 3ft long they are definitely big enough to cater for larger breeds. These plastic dog kennels are 100% waterproof and will not rot or attract damp, so with the right mattress or blanket your dog will have the best ‘house’ in town!

If you have not got a dog mattress already and you pampered pooch prefers ‘creature comforts’ then you simply can’t go wrong with the Mr Snugs Standard Dog Kennel & Pet Mattress combo. It's practically perfect for keeping your pets warm and cosy on cold winter days, and is as much a cat kennel as it is a dog kennel, so it will look great in any pet owner's home.

You treat your dogs to the best dog food, so why not go one-step further and treat him or her to a nice new home!

Post By Marc