Even though it seems like we haven’t really had much of one, summer is drawing to a close. If, like me, you’re not looking forward to the winter ahead, spare a thought for your cats! For many cat owners, letting their feline friends come and go from the house isn’t possible so how important is it to have an outdoor cat shelter? While it’s definitely worth looking at installing a cat flap (Microchip cat flaps help to solve a lot of issues that regular flaps have), we understand that some cats will have to stay outside for extended periods of time. Outdoor cat kennels will provide your pet with shelter when the weather takes a turn for the worse. We will give you more of an idea of the benefits of an outdoor cat shelter along with the features of  our range of Mr Snugs Outdoor Cat Kennels. They will be sure to prepare you and your cat for the winter months ahead. 

Sand Front

Benefits of an outdoor cat shelter

  • Provides shelter from wet and cold weather
  • Provides shelter from the sun in the summer months
  • Enables you to leave your cat outside if you don't have a cat flap
  • Allows them to freely wonder outside but with the safety of having somewhere to retreat
We have a range of  Mr Snugs Outdoor Cat Kennel. Available in different colours and some with extra accessories. It is made from one piece of moulded plastic, which ensures the kennel is damp, leak and rot proof and therefore exceptionally long-lasting.

Mr Snugs Cat Kennel Features

  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Drain hole for easy cleaning
  • No joints for water to leak through
  • Resistant to micro-organisms or parasites to ensure hygiene
  • Made from a single piece of moulded plastic - No assembly required
  • Will not rot like wooden cat kennels
  • Also suitable for small dogs
  • Damage and UV resistant
  • Drainage hole at the bottom allows you to easily hosed down the interior
  • Front roof overhang and recessed door to keep the interior dry
  • Raised floor panel keeps the shelter warm, dry and cosy
  • Available in 6 packages

You can simply have a Mr Snugs outdoor cat kennel shell, where your cat will be able to retreat to whenever they want shelter. We also have the same cat kennel that includes a heating pad that fits inside to give your cat that extra bit of warmth. Or to go that one step further, we have a kennel mattress and liner accessory that is specifically made for our Mr Snugs kennels . This will keep your cat well insulated, and being machine washable enables you to keep on top of your cats hygiene.

Green Bundle 1


We really do think that an outdoor cat kennel is an essential purchase for any cat who has to spend a lot of time outside. Whether you’ve purchased one for your own cat or have any other questions, be sure to get in touch with us! You can leave a comment below or chat to us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Post By Marc