Vivexotic Viva Tortoise Table (Flatpack)Tortoises are wonderful pets to have, but like all exotic creatures they have specific needs and various basic requirements that must be met in order to keep them happy and healthy.

If well cared for a tortoise will have a very long lifespan, with many living to be over 100 years old. This is why before taking one of these delightful pets into your home, you should consider that is probably going to be a lifelong commitment, and they may well outlive you!

The right housing is essential, and sadly many tortoises do not do well in a classic Vivarium style enclosure. Fortunately, we offer a number of habitats that are more than suitable for tortoises and terrapins, and they are all an ideal starting place to build an effective tortoise care kit around.

If you're trying to put together the perfect care kit for a tortoise or terrapin then we'd recommend the following:

Unlike a standard reptile vivarium, the Vivexotic Viva Tortoise table has been designed specifically for tortoises and features a removable tray, a play area and a stand.  The base of the pen has a metal skirt, which will prevent your tortoise from climbing and falling onto its back. The top of the pen has a table area where light and heat lamps can be fitted, and the base tray is removable so that you can use this pen outdoors, placing it directly onto the grass.

The Exo Terra feeding bowls have a natural stone effect, are easy to clean and non-porous. They also happen to complement the natural aesthetics of the Repti-Turf substrate, which is ideal for tortoises as it absorbs large volumes of liquid waste and has a natural organic base.

Exo Terra are well known for making quality heating and lighting for exotic pets.  Both the lamps and the thermometer in your starter kit will allow you to provide and monitor the right amount of heat and light for your tortoise; whilst the Habistat heat mat provides gentle warmth that your tortoise will enjoy sitting on.

Though they are easy and quick to set up, if you need a little bit of help putting the Tortoise table together we have put together a helpful instructional video.


Post By Marc