Weather Resistant Rabbit Hutch CoverMany rabbit lovers out there are busy getting their rabbit hutches ready for the cold, winter months ahead by stocking up on winter accessories such as weather shields and hutch covers.

You can never judge what the English winter will be like based on our Summer, but the one thing we can be sure of is that it will be unpredictable. Needless to say, as we've all experienced and commented on it, the weather can turn cold without warning; so it is never too early to prepare yourself and your rabbit hutch for the inevitable.

At the Pet Express we stock an excellent collection of rabbit hutch weather shields that simply clip onto the front on your hutch. Available in a range of different sizes these decorative weather shields will protect your vulnerable pets from the elements, and can be removed with ease when cleaning or replenishing your rabbits food or bedding.

Alternatively, you could weatherproof your entire rabbit hutch with a specially designed cover. These waterproof rabbit hutch covers are suitable for two-tier rabbit hutches with a lower exercise run, and is simple to apply.

Designed to keep the wind out and the heat in, these versatile weather-resistant hutch covers can be removed and rolled up on warmer days to allow some fresh air to circulate, and they feature flexible transparent panels so your rabbit can still see out and you can still see in.

If you're worried about leaving your outdoor rabbit in the cold this winter then you cannot go wrong with these covers and shields. Also remember to ensure that there is plenty of bedding laid down so that your rabbit can keep warm and snug on those particularly chilly evenings.


Post By Marc