The summer has arrived and while many of us are enjoying the wonderful hot weather of the season, our pets may not be enjoying quite so much.

Rabbits in particular are vulnerable to heat stroke and rely on their owners to provide them with cooler conditions during the summer months.

In the wild rabbits go underground or hide under shrubs and bushes to get away from direct sunlight so we need to provide them with similar hiding places in their rabbit hutch.

Your rabbit hutch should never sit in direct sunlight, generally made from wooden and metal materials they heat up quickly and retain the heat throughout the day, which can cause serious harm to your beautiful pets.

Placing your hutch in a shaded area of your garden is ideal, and a tree or large bush will allow some light to shine through while protecting your rabbits from intense heat.  Just ensure that any plants are out of reach, or you may find your rabbits start munching on them.

The same applies to your rabbit run, as they are mostly made of wire mesh they are completely exposed to the sun's harmful rays.  A light cover that allows the wind to circulate but offers shelter from the sun will ensure they can enjoy their exercise time without overheating.

A fresh supply of water is always essential and I would recommend checking this at least three times per day during summer months.  A combination of water bottles and bowls will give your rabbit access to plenty of liquids, and you may find that they even enjoy lying in the bowls when the weather is extremely hot.

Flies are perhaps the most annoying thing about summer!  They are the most persistent of creatures that can drive us to distraction, and unfortunately, they have the same effect on our rabbits.

Flies can cause serious harm if they lay eggs on your rabbit so keeping them away from your rabbit's hutch is vital.  Scrupulous hygiene is essential and only regular cleaning of your pets bedding and litter will help keep these critters away.  If you see flies around your rabbit hutch consider hanging some flypaper around the hutch (out of your rabbits reach) and check your pet regularly for any signs of infestation.

Keep your rabbit cool and fresh this summer, and not a “hot cross bunny”!

Post By Marc