Our series of blogs on house training your pets continues today with tips on how to house train a puppy.

The key with house training a puppy is to ensure that they have a routine that you stick to. You should feed and water them at the same time each day as well as making sure that they’re walked, put to bed and woken up at the same time, too. This helps with ensuring that your puppy is let out to the toilet at the same times too, and that these are times when he actually needs to use the toilet.

These are the main times that you should let your puppy out:

  • First thing in the morning, when they’ve woken up.
  • 10-15 minutes after eating or drinking.
  • After they’ve been playing or particularly active.
  • Every 2-5 hours during the day, or 4-5 hours at night.

When it’s time for your puppy to go outside, walk him to the back door and let him in to the garden. It’s important not to carry him, so he learns that going outside is something he has to do himself. As puppies are so excitable and easily distracted, it’s important that you stay with him. Also, If you shut him outside on his own he may become distressed at being separated from you and won’t go.

However, don’t worry about spending too long outside. Wait for a few minutes, and if nothing happens then take him back outside. Just be sure to try again a short while later. If you do catch him sniffing the floor, circling or squatting, say “No” loudly and firmly. It should be loud enough to get him to stop, but not loud enough to scare him. Then take him outside as usual but again, don’t carry him.

When your puppy succeeds in going to the toilet outdoors, give him plenty of praise, attention and maybe even a treat. On the other hand, if you have noticed that your puppy has gone in the house, don’t punish or scold him and definitely DON’T rub his nose or face in any accidents. These techniques cause your puppy a lot of distress and will actually make house training more difficult.

Just remember that it is inevitable that a young puppy will have accidents from time to time. The important thing is make sure that these are properly cleaned up as the smell might make your puppy want to go to the toilet there again. A carpet cleaner does a good job and any de-odouriser ensures that any leftover smells are completely gone.

The most important part of house training any puppy is patience. It’s not going to happen overnight, but ensuring that it’s done properly will help set your puppy on the right path to being well trained in all other aspects of his life. Just ensure that you praise rather than punish, clean up accidents as soon as possible, watch for the signs that tell you when your puppy needs the toilet and eventually you’ll have a well house trained puppy!

Post By Marc