Last week, our blog looked at what to ask yourself before buying a puppy, as well as what you’ll need to do before you bring him home. While I was planning to move onto a new topic today, over the weekend I got talking to a friend. He was looking at buying a puppy but has two small children at home and was looking for some tips on how to introduce the two.

I can imagine that a lot of parents are in the same situation. After all, having a pet at home has many benefits for children, such as teaching them responsibility and improving their health through exercising with them. However, bringing a puppy home only to find that your child struggles to look after them properly could be a bit of a disaster. That’s why I’ll be sharing with you some top tips for making sure that your child treats their new best friend in the right way.

  • Firstly, remember that children might be a little rough with their new puppy. Show them how to properly hold the puppy (One hand under their front legs, the other under their bottom), but make sure that they know not to squeeze too hard.
  • If your child is as excited as you are about your puppy, remember to explain that puppies don’t always want to play. Make sure that your child knows to give the puppy space and time to nap during the day otherwise they’ll become grumpy.
  • If, however, your puppy does feel threatened, its natural instinct will be to nip or growl. If this does happen, make sure you know what caused it and speak to your child to make sure that they understand why it happened. Explain that animals do have feelings too.
  • Let your child get involved with looking after the puppy. Whether it’s walking, bathing or feeding them, do it yourself a few times first while your child watches. Then, as they get used to it, let your child take over gradually. Of course, make sure that you always keep an eye on proceedings.
Hopefully this has been useful for parents thinking of bringing a puppy home to the family. If you have some tips of your own, then be sure to let us know and we’ll share them with everyone! You can leave a comment below or chat to us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Post By Marc