It is important to prepare for the arrival of a new puppy, just as you would if a new baby were coming into the home. It should not take too long for the new addition to feel safe and secure in the new environment, as long as you can make the surroundings as pleasant as possible.

You should also think about the layout of your home in readiness for getting a puppy, as you can then protect your belongings from being chewed, as well as making it a risk free place for your new pet to play and thrive. 

What will you Need for your New Puppy?

  • Food and water bowls - You can use either plastic or ceramic, just make sure that the water bowl is always available  
  • Puppy food - If your new puppy is already used to another brand of food try to continue giving it to them while they settle in, as this will help them to adjust to their new surroundings. You can gradually wean them onto a different food if you wish, preferably a balanced food that is suitable for your breed and size of dog. Once you find a brand that you like, you should be able to move from the puppy variety to the adult version without any problems. 
  • Collar and a lead - Remember to complete your puppies vaccinations before venturing outdoors. An adjustable collar will be perfect for a growing dog, whilst a harness may be a good idea whilst you are training them, or if the breed is known to be a little boisterous.  
  • Puppy grooming kit - A towel is great for bath time and for drying off after walks in the rain. You can use an old one of your own if you wish, although having their own new towel may make the bathing process less scary. A brush is crucial for keeping their growing hair in good condition and gentle shampoo will be needed for keeping them clean.
  • Toys and Chews - Dogs love to chew when they are adults, but puppies will do it to the extreme! A good chew toy will encourage them to stay away from gnawing on your furniture, whilst helping them through the crucial teething stage of their development. Be sure that these toys are durable and will not break into pieces that they can choke on. As for general playing toys, the sky's the limit. There are frisbees, balls, plush toys and so much more to keep your new pet entertained. 
  • Bed - A comfortable bed will help your puppy to feel at home in their new surroundings. If they arrived with their own bed or blanket, be sure to use them, as this will make them feel comforted. You will be able to update these if need once your puppy has settled in. 
  • Treats - These will help your puppy to trust you and will be crucial in the training process. Knowing that they will be rewarded for being good and for following instructions is a big step in the bond that you are working to create between owner and pet.
How to Puppy Proof your Home
  • Make sure that your garden is completely secure and that there are no gaps for a small puppy to crawl out of. Secure bolts on the gates will stop them from blowing open and take away the opportunity of escape.  
  • Invest in a stair gate to stop your new puppy from exploring upstairs before they are ready. This will help to ensure that they don’t fall down the stairs, but also keep them out of the bedrooms where there will be plenty of things for them to chew.
  • A letterbox guard may also be needed if your puppy likes to chew on paper!
  • Use a guard around any open fires.
  • Use secure close bins, as they will be wanting to explore all of the new smells that you have in your home and are sure to make a mess.
  • If it’s on your puppies level then it is at risk of being chewed, so bring everything up higher if you want to keep it safe.
Enjoy your time with your new puppy. They will soon feel like a part of the family and will love living in a proper home with people to play with. If you prepare before they arrive, there is no reason why they should not live a long and happy life with you.

Post By Marc