One of the most popular brands of pet food that we have in stock, Canagan is championed as the premier manufacturer of  Britain’s finest hypoallergenic grain-free dog food. There are many things that set Canagan dog food apart from other pet food on the marker, and we're sure that by the end of this article you'll understand why Canagan continues to be one of our most sought-after brands of dog food.

2 x 12kg Canagan Scottish Salmon Grain-Free Adult Dry Dog Food Multibuy Canagan dog food has been developed by experts to mirror the ancestral diet of domestic dogs. All dogs are descended from the grey wolves kept by our ancestors, and although the lifestyle of dogs is very different from their ancient relatives, their basic dietary needs have remained much the same.

The nutritional specialists at Canagan have carefully chosen everything they put in their ranges of pet foods to ensure that they contain nothing but the finest nutritionally accessible ingredients. They determined that the optimum biologically appropriate ratio of meat to vegetables was around 60:40 – and this is the reason why Canagan dog food contains more meat than most.

Alongside the meat and vegetables, Canagan foods include a carefully balanced ratio of fats and carbohydrates to control weight gain and provide slow-release energy for active pets.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Canagan dog food is that the source of carbohydrate does not come from grains. Corn, wheat and barley have all been linked to common canine allergies which manifest in skin irritation or an upset stomach. Dogs are incapable of properly digesting grains such as these, so even if your pet does not have allergies, these grains have no nutritional value for them.

Eliminating grains from pet food not only removes the risk of allergic reaction, it also means that absolutely every in Canagan food has nutrition that your pet will benefit from.


We offer Canagan dog food in a range of different flavours and in convenient 12kg muli-buy packs. To learn more about our range of Canagan dog food and the flavours we have in stock please visit our main website. We have free-run chicken, Scottish salmon and country game dog food in stock – all with sustainable, freshly prepared sources of protein that your pet will find simply irresistible!

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