This week we’ll be taking a look at the top 15 best dog food brands on the Pet Express, so that you can ensure your dog is always getting the nutrients, goodness and great flavours that it deserves.

We have a large range of dog food to meet all requirements, from vegetarian to high calorie working dog food, dog food for small breeds or even grain free dog food.

Arden Grange

Using the tagline ‘nutrition without compromise’, you know from the offset that this brand is going to provide the very best for your dog. Manufactured in the UK, everything they produce is hypoallergenic, made using human-grade meat and free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. With both wet and dry dog food available in a range of different flavours, you can save money when buying Arden Grange Dog food on The Pet Express with one of our multi-buy listings.

Lamb and Chicken multi

Barking Heads

Another best dog food brand that prides itself on creating high quality, premium dog food, Barking Heads uses natural ingredients that are not only healthy and nutritious, but also incredibly tasty. Free from artificial flavours, preservatives and colours, Barking Heads dog food is rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, not to mention prebiotics, minerals and Vitamins A, B, C, D and E.


Made to the very highest standards, the entire range of  Canagan dog food has been put together by a team of professional nutritionists and are planned meticulously down to the smallest detail. Mimicking the diet of dogs’ ancient ancestors, every Canagan meal is a hypoallergenic grain-free dog food, making it ideal for dogs with sensitive digestion or an intolerance to grain.


‘It all starts with premium ingredients’ is the philosophy of Eukanuba, so you can always be sure that what you're buying is a high quality product. Eukanuba premium dog food understand that dogs evolved from wild carnivores and therefore should be fed an appropriate diet. Because of this Eukanuba dog food is rich in high-quality animal protein and are designed to meet the unique physiological demands of dogs of various sizes, ages and breeds.

Eukanuba Adult Chicken


One of the biggest and best dry dog food brands in the world, Hills are known for using veterinary professionals and industry leaders to help them produce the very finest dog food in terms of nutrition and taste. As a result of the sheer amount of time, effort and resources they have poured in to R & D, Hills dog food is fantastically healthy and the flavours that they produce are nothing short of delicious; so there is no doubt that dogs will gobble up every last morsel of every meal.


Perhaps the most renowned name in the UK when it comes dog food, Pedigree have worked hard to earn themselves a reputation as one of the very best dog food brands around. Offering wet and dry varieties of their delicious meals, Pedigree dog food cover almost every possible angle, such as offering the best puppy food; which is what makes their meals so appealing to dog owners and their pets.


One of the best dog food brands when it comes to gluten free dog food, Pero have been at the forefront of the market for over 25 years. There is a Pero dog food for almost every type of dog - be they large or small, young or old - in order to ensure that all dogs enjoy their meals and get the very most out of them in terms of nutrition. Pero also have a range of breed specific dog foods that have been designed to cater to those breeds of dog with specific or unusual nutritional requirements.

James Wellbeloved

One of the best-known and most respected dog food brands around, James Wellbeloved dog food is naturally healthy and is designed to help pets with food allergies and intolerances so that they can lead the happiest life possible. Free from artificial additives including preservatives, colourings and flavourings, James Wellbeloved dog food is made using the very finest, naturally hypoallergenic ingredients and is rich in all of the minerals, vitamins and nutrients that dogs require to live active lives.


With an almost obsessive focus on creating the most nutritious dog food around, Symply dog food uses only 100% natural ingredients to provide dogs with the minerals and vitamins that their bodies require to function at their very best. With a high meat content to provide plenty of protein, Symply dog food is not only good for your dog's insides but their outsides too; as the rich Omega 6 fatty acid content actively conditions their coat and promotes healthy skin.


Offering a bespoke and unique diet for dogs, AATU dog food is aimed towards pets who could benefit from meals that have a higher meat content. With a single sourced protein in the freshly prepared recipes, each meal also has the delicious addition of fruits, herbs and botanicals. It is also grain, gluten and potato free, making them even more healthy without compromising on the great taste.

Claude & Clarence

Specially designed to be fed on rotation, the Claude & Clarence dog food range features lots of wonderfully delicious flavours that your pet will love. Using natural, A grade ingredients that have been selected for their health benefits, these tasty recipes use highly digestible animal proteins and contain no grains or fillers. It is an excellent pet food that has your pets health, happiness and wellbeing at its heart.

Simpsons Premium

A premium dog food, Simpsons is aimed at pets of all ages of life. With bespoke recipes to suit all breeds, there is a wide variety of flavours to choose from, which are manufactured in either the UK or Germany. Using locally sourced ingredients, Simpsons dog food has been developed in close association with nutritionists to ensure that each meal is delicious amd healthy.


A trusted pet brand for over 25 years, Acana dog food create delicious recipes using fresh, local ingredients that have been sustainably sourced. The wide selection of meals is designed to be biologically appropriate, mirroring a dogs evolutionary diet without the use of anything synthetic.


Orijen dog food is a brand that is biologically appropriate, designed to mirror what animals would have naturally eaten in the wild. Each recipe is grain free, protein rich and wonderfully delicious, mixed with fruits and vegetables to ensure that they keep your dog fit and healthy.


One of the best fish based dog food brands in the UK, Fish4Dogs creates a wide range of wet and dry recipes that are based around fish as the main ingredient. Each meal is grain free and full of omega 3 oils, perfect for keeping your dogs coat in excellent condition and to aid their joint mobility as they get older.

So as you can see there are many brands of top quality dog food available and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The key is to choose the best option for your dog, no matter the cost.

Post By Daniel