pet-423398_1920Some people say that the internet was created solely so we could look at cute cat gifs all day long. And it seems many of us agree, with the number of people visiting animal-based websites and tumblrs increasing daily.

For that reason, we thought we’d put together some of the best cute animals tumblr sites around – just in case you’ve got a few minutes spare at work!

Cute Baby Animals (

Looking at cute animals on the internet – good. Looking at cute baby animals on the internet – great! This tumblr is perfect if you just want to go ‘awww’ at all manner of baby animals, from dogs and cats through to polar bears and tigers.

Cute Animals (

Clean, sleek and easy to browse, this tumblr features a range of cute animals both in image and gif format. The focus is on clear, high quality images so if you want to admire the beauty of animals as well as look at some cute baby ones then this one is for you.

Emergency Cute (

If you haven’t viewed a tumblr in a few weeks and need an emergency fix, this one is for you. Quick, easy and packed full of cute animals, you can give it a quick browse and happily get on with your day.

Cute & Tiny Baby Animals (

The name of this tumblr gives it all away really – cute and small baby animals. This site mainly focuses on domesticated pets, interspersed with wild animals. But one thing remains constant – they’re all incredibly cute!

Cute Animal Gifs (

We mentioned the reason for the internet was cute cat gifs – this site is the definition of this. Packed full of animal gifs of all sorts, this site is great for a laugh and is sure to raise a smile whenever you’re in a bad mood.

Post By Daniel