After watching (literally) hundreds of funny cat videos growing up, we still cannot help but make ourselves look and feel like fools whilst giggling stupidly and uncontrollably at a our computer screens. Whether it's a cat failing a short jump or pushing expensive things off a shelf, for some reason it's almost impossible for us not to find the silly acts shown in these funny cat videos anything short of hilarious.


If you have the time, there is a whole litter full of compilations and taped hilarious endeavours performed by our 9-lived furry friends on YouTube. But if you're looking for a quick pick-me up after - or even during - a long and arduous day, then you've come to the right place!

Before we get started with the countdown however, here is a short compilation of priceless cat videos to get us all warmed up.

Generally speaking you can get more laughs out of these cat compilations as there is more than just one clip. There are always going to be a few duds though, which is why we have painstakingly poured through hundreds of funny cat video compilations to bring you this definitive list.

So without any further ado, containing videos both old and new of cats doing senseless and ludicrous things, here is our purr-fect list of the top 5 funny cat videos that will leave you rolling around on the floor in stitches.


[#5] Cat Regrets Entering Bath

When it comes to classic funny cat videos, this one is the equivalent of Gone With The Wind. With over 5.5 million views it has been in many vintage compilations and chances are you're all familiar with this poor cat's harrowing experience upon entering the bath. You can't help but feel a little bit of compassion for the cat as it is dragged hilariously into the bath by the baby and escapes a bit soggy and quite annoyed.

 [#4]  Dramatic Cat

This video is a classic when it comes to funny cat videos on the internet. It features a large headed cat watching an television program when suddenly the owner calls the Cat or the Cat hears something and turns its head slowly. It shows its face with a pair of huge - almost cartoon-like - eyes adding to the pointlessness of the clip. Sometimes this video is dubbed with "Dramatic Music", which only brings the hilarity up to a whole other level!

[#3]  The Two talking Cats

This cute duo lands itself at number 3, and although at first glance you may not think it belongs on a list of funny cat videos, there is definitely a chuckle or two to be had - not to mention a large 'Awwww' Factor. This adorable video shows two cats lying next to each other, and they seem to be having a pretty in-depth conversation with one another by purring and meowing.

[#2] Fat Cat Trying To Escape Bath

This video contains footage of a large cat trying to jump out of a bathtub after it has been cleaned by its owner. The owner leaves it in the bathtub to see if it can get out on its own, but all it manages to do is flail about trying to hop over the edge in a slapstick comedy kind of way. Though not at all a good example of good pet-ownership, the bit we like - and can certainly relate to - is the REALLY unimpressed facial expression it has toward the end.

[#1]  Printer Cat

The winner of the Top 5 Funny Cat Videos is Printer Cat. Cat and Printer have been at war since the start of time and this video shows one of their most legendary battles; in which a brave cat furiously attacks the mighty printer. People have taken this video and added sound effects to increase the hit factor but the Cats reaction is what gives this the number 1.

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