Cat Mate Elite Selective Microchip Cat Flap With Timer ControlEvery cat owner has a story about unwanted visitors coming into the house through thier pet’s cat flap, and while some are amusing, other stories can be a bit more serious. One of the worst we've heard of is that a home was invaded by a rogue tom cat, which then sprayed all over the house and attacked the occupant's pet. What's more, it is not unheard of for foxes and other vermin to enter homes through cat flaps; which is why many cat owners are seeking an alternative solution.

Cat owners will know how hard it is to keep unwanted guests out while still allowing their cats the freedom to come and go as they please. Magnetic cat flaps work, but they damage a cat's collar so much that they rarely last more than a couple of days! This is why cat owners all over the country - and the world for that matter - place the safety of their cats and their homes in the capable hands of microchip cat flaps.

Available from renowned brands such as Cat Mate, PetSafe and Pet Corp, what makes microchip cat flaps so special is that they can be programmed to read your cat’s microchip and from then on will only open for them. Multiple cat owners are catered for too, as microchip cat flaps can store the information of numerous microchips and can be reprogrammed to allow in others in a matter of moments .

Staywell Tunnel Extension Deluxe WoodgrainMicrochip Cat Flaps can be installed into doors windows and walls using the optional adaptors and tunnel extenders. In fact, they are designed as ‘drop-in’ replacements for normal cat flaps to make installation quick and easy. Many, if not all, microchip cat flaps also feature a draught excluder and a claw-proof door to ensure they are as secure as possible. They are powered by batteries, but have a very long life span (usually over 12 months with normal use), and ordinarily they will have a handy indicator light that flashes when they’re starting to run low.

There are so many benefits to installing a microchip cat flap into your home. Keeping neighbouring cats as well as wildlife out will keep your cats calm, safe and free from stress. It also ensures that no animal could be injured in your home, for example if they find their way in and can’t get out or are injured by one of your pets. You’ll also save plenty of money on cat food as you won’t be feeding the entire neighbourhood and there’s no risk of your cat being locked out if they lose their collar.

If you have any questions about the microchip cat flaps, or perhaps you have one installed and are loving it, then get in touch! We’d love to hear your experiences and we’ll do what we can to help with any issues you may have. Simply leave a comment below, or chat to us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Post By Marc