Through Search Engines such as Google we are able to locate and access just about any piece of information we would like within moments, but what happens when the questions we want the answers to are specific to us? Or we want to seek some sage advice from another individual who has been through a similar thing? Where would we turn? You could phone a friend, and most people would, but if you want a range of opinions and answer then there is no better place to turn than Yahoo Answers.

Whether you are in the mood to share some of your knowledge and experience, or you're seeking to gain a little from someone else, Yahoo Answers is a great place to turn. Having said that, Yahoo Answers is not exactly the repository of knowledge that it has just been made out to be, and there are users on there who ask questions and offer answers so ludicrous that you will have to double-take, just to make sure you read it right.

Needless to say these range from the incredibly offensive and dim-witted to the downright hilarious – which are the kind that we've decided to focus on. There are many categories on Yahoo Answers and if you fancy a chuckle later on browse few a couple of them and you'll see what we mean; but for now enjoy seven of the most amusing pet-orientated Yahoo Answer fails!


It is difficult to tell if this person is a complete  imbecile or just an incredibly ill-humoured troll, and honestly it's hard to decide which would be worse.


Yahoo fails 2

As wonderful as it would be if this could work, if you thought it might work, surely you would try it out before asking everyone on the internet.


Yahoo fails 3

Whilst the circumstances around this question are quite sad, surely naming your cat 'Seafood' is like naming your Rabbit 'Alfalfa' or your Frog 'Flies'; it just seems a little strange to name your pet after what it eats.


Yahoo fails 4

It is hard not to feel bad for this poor, unfortunate soul; but it is also hard not to find their predicament just a liiiiii-tle bit funny.


Yahoo fails 5

We understand why people love their cats, and whilst we sympathise with those who always want to have them around, wanting to take one to a job interview is a bit odd; in fact it's almost as odd as thinking for even a second that it would be a good idea.


Yahoo fails 6

Whilst this question's place on this list is questionable, some of the answers it received are most certainly at home here:

"Dogs only purr when they are around people they love"

"YES. Your dog clearly does not like you if it doesn't purr, everyone knows that"

"All of my dogs purr, even stray dogs purr at me"

Moral of this story? Ask a stupid question, you'll get a stupid answer


Yahoo fails 7

This shouldn't even need to be asked.

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