We are happy to say hello to autumn, where you can wrap up in knitted layers and pull on your winter boots to take your dogs on Sunday strolls across green fields, over vibrant leafy paths and in crisp misty mornings. However, with less daylight hours, and unfortunately the reality that you work 9-5, you will more often than not be walking your dog in the dark before or after work. We are here to give you the top tips on walking your dog in the autumnal months to ensure you and your dog stay safe.


  • Invest in a glow in the dark collar or vest for your dog- The Pet Express offers many products that would be suitable and they will ensure that your dog will stay safe whilst walking in the dark
  • Carry a torch with you- This simple tool will allow you to ensure you are walking on an even surface by avoiding potholes etc.
  • Reflective tape- To make sure that oncoming vehicles can see you and your dog, add reflective strips of tape onto your clothing, dog lead, and dog garments so you are fully visible.
  • Walk against traffic- This is so that there is a higher chance you see on coming traffic and increases the odds on them seeing you.
  • Always carry a phone- Make sure it's fully charged so that you are ensuring you and your dog has the highest safety if anything were to happen.
  • Have a tighter leash- When it's dark it is important to have your dog on a shorter lead so that they don't wonder off as much.
  • Autumn is an important time of year for farmers- As there is a lot of livestock around it is essential to keep your dog on a lead when walking around countryside fields just in case your dogs get spooked.
Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy your autumnal walks. Whether it is on a bright sunny morning or a cool smokey evening. By following our top tips you will ensure you and your dog have the optimum safety when on your daily walks 🍂.


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