We adore our dogs for the love and companionship that they share with us, but we also cherish them for the untold amounts of laughter that they bring into our lives. It is impossible to be a dog owner and not have a story about your dog that makes you chuckle every time you think about it; but don't you sometimes wish you had caught that hilarious moment on camera so that others could enjoy it too? Well, here is the next best thing!

You've seen what we consider to be the funniest cat videos; now here are our 5 favourite funny dog videos. We think you'll all appreciate them.

1. This video is great! So many funny dogs and we love the many ridiculous sounds that can be heard.


2. Trying to get your own dog to have a bath may be frustrating but watching other people trying to bathe theirs is incredibly enjoyable.

3. Lookin' kinna shifty. What did it do?.......

4. Owch....(We have a soft spot for slap-stick)

5. Those cats are evil!

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