Well known amongst dog owners for the high quality of their food, Royal Canin are equally well renowned for the particularity and specificity of the dog food that they produce. By this we mean that rather than trying to make a 'one-size-fits-all' dog food, they strive to produce an individual meal for each individual type of dog; so there is one meal for small breed puppies, another for large breed puppies, another for large breed adults, and so on.


But the differences between dogs is not only in their age, breed and size, and their nutritional needs may also be influenced by a wide range of other factors; including their lifestyle and location. To acknowledge this Royal Canin have developed their Urban Life Dog Food range, which is designed specifically to meet the physical needs of dogs who spend their lives walking around the city streets and breathing in the city air.



It may not seem like there is much need for a distinction between country and city dwelling dogs, but it is no secret that city air contains more pollutants – due to the greater number of motorised vehicles, fewer trees, being closer to industrial areas, etc. – and these will have a direct impact on the nutritional demands of a dog's body; which is exactly what Royal Canin Urban Life Dog Food is designed to provide.


Made with ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, prebiotics, protein and vitamins A through E, in addition to providing city dogs with a nutritionally balanced diet, Royal Canin Urban Life Dog Food actively goes about reducing the oxidative stress that a lifetime of city living can place on the body; thereby allowing them to remain healthy and active well into their Senior years.


Also Available: Royal Canin Sporting Life Dog Food

In addition to taking care of city dogs, Royal Canin have also formulated meals that benefit the joints and muscles of dogs that lead active lifestyle that revolves around their physical performance. Ideal for sporting dogs or those who just have particularly active owners, Royal Canin Sporting Life Dog Food is made with ingredients that supports physical development and releases energy slowly so that dogs can remain active for longer.


With variations that are ideally suited to small breed and large breed dogs, a great deal of effort and research has gone into the Sporting Life dog food by Royal Canin. It is essential not to feed small breed dogs the large breed dog food, as the ingredients included will be more potent and in higher levels than their bodies will be able to adequately use-up, which will result in weight gain. Rapid weight gain will also occur in dogs that are not especially active, as any energy bestowed by this dog food that is not used up will be converted into fat.


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