french-bulldog-277255_1920The utility breed group is one that contains dogs that are less commonly spotted on the streets and in the parks of the UK. But of this group, it is the French Bulldog that is the most popular, with 6990 being registered with the Kennel Club in 2013.

Key Facts

Exercise Requirements1 hour
Coat LengthShort
Lifespan10 years +

Personality & Training

For a small dog, the French Bulldog has a big personality. They are always ready for fun and this makes them perfect for a family environment, as long as there is not too much rough and tumble. They are generally affectionate to humans and will enjoy spending time with their owners, especially if that means a large degree of comfort.

Training is essential with this breed as they may believe they are boss if not told otherwise. A calm but firm hand is required, and they are an intelligent breed who should learn quickly if the right techniques are used.

Exercise & Living Conditions

Because of their relatively small size, French Bulldogs do not require a great deal of exercise so an hour or so a day will suffice. They will enjoy playing but care needs to be taken that they don’t over-exert themselves, particularly in hot weather.

This breed will excel in almost any living conditions, whether it’s an apartment or country house. As long as they get daily exercise, they don’t require outdoor space although will probably appreciate it. They do enjoy company, so family life would suit them best.


With a short and manageable coat, a French Bulldog will not require much grooming at all. A regular swift brushing will remove any loose hair that is occasionally shed.

Post By Daniel