whippet-564386_1920According to Kennel Club statistics, the Whippet was the most popular dog from the Hound group in 2013, with 3226 of them being registered officially. To the novice, they look similar to the Greyhound but are actually smaller and have a fantastic personality and temperament.

Key Facts

Exercise Requirements1 hour (approx)
Coat LengthShort
Lifespan12 years +

Personality & Training

Despite its ability to reach high speeds in a short amount of time, Whippets actually make good family dogs and have the temperament and personality to get on with children and people of all ages. They can be quite sensitive but are relatively easy to train, as long as rough or hard techniques are not used.

The Whippet is also an intelligent dog, so should pick up on new training relatively quickly. They have a lovely personality and will be affectionate towards their owners and those they know. However, because of their love of company, Whippets may not enjoy being left alone for extended periods of time.

Exercise & Living Conditions

Whippets will be at home in any living space, whether large or small, as long as they are given sufficient exercise where they can truly stretch their legs. A wide, open space is recommended so that they can reach top speed in short bursts; however it’s a good idea to check the area first to make sure no other dogs or children may get hurt.

Being able to reach top speed isn’t necessary every day, and a Whippet will be quite happy with around one hour of exercise per day on the lead. They do also have a degree of stamina if you wish to take them on a longer walk.


Generally clean and tidy dogs, a Whippet will often make sure they are clean and some will not enjoy getting too dirty. They have a short, fine coat (which may require a dog coat in winter) that is easy to clean and brush when necessary. They are described as an ‘average’ shedder.

Post By Daniel