foxhound-53951_1280 Also fondly called the ‘sausage dog’, there are in fact several varieties that come under the banner of Dachshund. This breed has short legs, with a dense, short coat, and shares the majority of characteristics with its namesakes.

Key Facts

Exercise Requirements30 minutes
Coat LengthShort
Lifespan12 years +

Personality & Training

Despite their size, Dachshunds have quite a personality so owners should be prepared for it. They do make good family dogs, being devoted to their owners and family. While friendly to those they know, they can be quite wary of strangers. These bundles of energy will require quite intense and firm training, as they are not famed for being obedient, no matter how much they enjoy your company. However, with persistence they should come to obey their master, although their barking may be something you have to live with.

Exercise & Living Conditions

They might have short legs, but Dachshunds are big fans of exercise. They will be happy with around 30 minutes per day, but can keep going for much longer if you, or they, want to. Owners may wish to keep their dog on the lead if not fully trained as their hunting instincts can take over on occasion and they may chase small animals or other dogs. As far as living conditions are concerned, these dogs will be happy almost anywhere. A flat will suit them as much as a house, although they shouldn’t be required to use stairs. They don’t require much space, and will be happy in a family home or curled up on the sofa.


Due to their short coat, the miniature smooth-haired Dachshund will not require too much regular grooming. A quick brush every now and again will remove any loose hairs, and wearing a dog coat during wet or cold conditions will help to keep them clean and dry, removing the need for regular baths.

Post By Daniel