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Exclusive to The Pet Express! We can now offer live reptile food in ultra convenient letterbox sized boxes, saving you time and hassle as there’s no more waiting in for your live food deliveries.

* Please note these are designed to fit standard letterboxes, and might not fit through some. As a precaution please ensure there is a neighbour to sign on your behalf just due to the fragile nature of the goods.

We have two available combinations:

  • 4 x Slots (2nd and larger only) -  Each slot must be filled with 2nd stage and larger insects.
  • 6 x Slots (3 x 2nd and larger) and (3 x hatchlings and 1st) - 3 of the slots must be filled with 2nd stage and larger insects, the other 3 slots must be filled with hatchlings and 1st stage insects.


House Brown Crickets (Acheta Domesticus)

House Brown Crickets (Acheta Domesticus) are easily digestible due to their soft-bodies. A hardy and cold-tolerant species of cricket means they withstand the winter well.

  • Soft-bodied
  • Hardy, cold-tolerant cricket
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes


Banded Brown Crickets (Gryllodes Sigillatus)

Smaller than other species of cricket, Banded Brown Crickets are excellent climbers and make a great meal or treat for most reptiles or amphibians.

  • Smallest species of cricket
  • Excellent climbers
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes from 1st to large


Black Crickets (Gryllus Bimaculatus)

A hardy, cold-tolerant cricket, Black Crickets can grow to over 30mm in length. Extremely popular in the winter months as Black Crickets can tolerate lower temperatures than the two brown species of crickets currently sold.

  • Hardy, cold-tolerant cricket
  • Very popular during the winter months
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes from 1st to large


Locusts (Schistocerca Gregaria)

Locusts are an extremely popular source of live food, particularly amongst Bearded Dragon Keepers. 

  • An extremely popular source of live food
  • Best known for their quiet, non-invasive behaviour
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes


Silent Crickets (Gryllus Assimilis)

Silent Crickets are the larger species of brown cricket, and whilst not completely silent, they are the quietest species of cricket commercially available.

  • Larger species of brown cricket
  • Available in two sizes
  • Quietest cricket of all, albeit not silent!


Cockroaches (Blaptica Dubia)

Dubia Roaches are approximately 25-30mm long and are available in a pack of 6. A medium sized species of cockroach, Dubia Roaches are easy to handle, very nutritious and easy to digest. A great alternative to crickets as they do not jump and they are silent!

  • Excellent feeder insects
  • Quiet
  • Unable to jump
  • Very nutritious
  • One size only


Morioworms (Zophobos Morio)

Morioworms are approximately 40-50mm long. Most larger lizards love eating Morioworms either as a part of their staple diet or even as a treat.

  • Beetle larvae bred for the reptile, fish and bird market
  • Larger worm favoured by lizards, turtles, frogs, birds and Koi fish
  • Similar nutritional content to mealworms


Mini Mealworms (Tenebrio Molitor)

High in protein and fat, Mini Mealworms are ideal for smaller sized reptiles. Mealworms are also popular in bird feeders for wild birds.

  • High in protein and fat
  • Approximately 15-18mm long
  • Ideal for smaller to medium sized reptiles as well as wild birds
  • Different sized packs available


Mealworms (Tenebrio Molitor)

Mealworms are approximately 18-26mm long. Mealworms are often selected for their high levels of important vitamins, fats and proteins and form part of many reptiles' balanced diet. Easy to care for and extremely easy for your reptile to eat - just place them in a suitable feeding dish!

  • Beetle larvae bred for the reptile, fish and bird market
  • High in protein and fat
  • Ideal for smaller to medium sized reptiles as well as wild bird
  • Also popular in bird feeders for wild birds.


Calci Worms (Hermetia Illucens)

Calci Worms are the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly. Highly nutritious, low in fat and very high in calcium, Calci Worms are ready to serve straight from their pot!

  • Larvae of the Black Soldier Fly
  • 10mm long
  • Highly nutritious
  • Serve straight from the pot!


Waxworms (Galleria Mellonella)

Waxmoth Larvae are the soft-bodied larvae stage of the Lesser Waxmoth, commonly know as Waxworms.  Packed with vitamins and minerals, Waxworms make an excellent treat for healthy reptiles and for reptiles that need conditioning. They are also a popular choice amongst bird and fish keepers.

  • Approximately 15-20mm long,
  • Excellent treat for healthy reptiles or reptiles that need conditioning
  • Popular amongst bird and fish keepers


Pachnoda Grub (Pachnoda Marginata)

Pachnoda Grubs are the soft-bodied larvae stage of the fruit beetle Pachnoda marginata, also known as Sun Beetles. With soft bodies, like Waxworms, Pachnoda Grubs make ideal treats for feeding to carnivorous and insectivorous reptiles and insect eating birds.

  • Soft-bodied larvae stage of the fruit beetle Pachnoda marginata
  • 25-35mm long
  • Pack of 10


Earthworms (Dendrobena)

Earthworms are enjoyed by those reptiles and amphibians that prefer soft and moist food. Favoured by invertebrates, Dendrobaena worms are also well suited to larger reptiles and amphibians, as they can be up to 50-75mm long. Extremely lively and easy to look after, Earthworms are rich in protein and calcium and should form part of a balanced diet.

  • Favoured by invertebrates
  • Well suited to larger reptiles and amphibians
  • Easy to look after
  • Rich in protein and calcium



Customer Reviews 5.0 5 5.0/5 Based on 2 reviews


Very convenient bug delivery Reviewed by Anonymous on 11 Jul 2019

Bugs arrived in perfect condition and full of life! Packaging and tub reinforcements held up well and Royal Mail could deliver it through my letterbox whilst I was at work, very convenient.


Good Reviewed by Martin.gavin on 01 Jul 2019

Good variety

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