Latin Name : Chamaelo Calyptratus

Lifespan : 4 - 8 years

Yemen Chameleons are one of the most attractive reptiles on the planet. Yemen Chameleons can change colour, but it isn't always to blend in with their environment. Often the colours can represent how they're feeling, for example brighter colours such as blue can mean the chameleon is happy in its environment, while darker colours can mean your chameleon is stressed. Although this is not always the case!

Chameleons can grow to between 14-24 inches in length, with the males being much larger than the females. By nature, most reptiles do not enjoy being handled, as they are a prey animal and can be intimidated by us as we are much larger and could be seen as a predator. However, with patience and time chameleons will tolerate being handled and enjoy your warmth. When attempting to handle your chameleon it should always be on the chameleons terms, because they can get very stressed and perceive you as a threat. Always offer your hand to the chameleon to see if it wants to be handled and don't grab it.

Diet and Food

Chameleons are omnivores and will eat a variety of insect feeders. The insects range from crickets to hoppers, dubia roaches to mealworms. All insects should be gut loaded with vegetables such as carrots, greens, pepper etc. This increases the nutritional level of the insects which are passed onto your chameleon.

The insects will be sprinkled liberally with Komodo Nutrical powder or Arcadia earth pro calcium, available in store. These are to ensure all chameleons benefit from the much needed calcium intake to ensure strong bones and thus avoiding MBD (metabolic bone disease), a fatal and often easily avoided condition that causes life-long health complications for reptiles.

Living Conditions

Yemen Chameleons are sun worshippers and require UVB. We would recommend an Arcadia shade dweller kit, which should cover two thirds of the length of the enclosure.

Because chameleons require a hot spot temperature of 37 degrees we would try and achieve this temperature over one third of the enclosure with the other two thirds being a bit cooler. We would recommend a strong basking light attached to a dimming thermostat, with the bulb covered by a guard to prevent any accidental burns. You should have the lights on for around 10-12 hours a day with all lights off at night so the chameleon has a clear day and night cycle. We would always recommend you use a thermometer in the hot spot and in the cooler area too, just to keep an eye on temperatures.

Chameleons require humidity of 70% or 80%. You should have a hygrometer inside the terrarium to monitor this, using a de-chlorinator in some water and spraying the enclosure down twice day, where there should be water droplets visible on the decoration and glass. Make sure that the water is room temperature and not too cold or hot. We have this available in store.

If you have purchased a full set up from us, then an adequately sized terrarium is included, along with calcium, dishes, bulb, reptile safe disinfectant and essential UVB are provided to ensure you have everything you need to get your chosen chameleon set up and happy in their new home with you! Remember to only use reptile safe disinfectant which can be purchased in store.

Health and Wellbeing

You should regularly health check your chameleon to ensure their eyes are bright, that they are active and maintain a good weight and condition.

You should regularly check them for stuck shed, especially around their tail and toes as this can cause further problems. Damp moss and correct humidity levels will also help the shedding process.

We also recommend checking your reptiles mouth for mouth rot regularly. This can be caused by stress, incorrect temperature and humidity levels, poor diet and poor general conditions. This needs to be treated with regular cleaning and antibiotics. Remember to NEVER pull shed off your reptile as this can be very painful for them.


Don't forget to purchase hides, wooden bridges, vines and decor for your chameleon so they can hide and climb. We have branches, platforms, plants and logs available in store to provide a fun area for your chameleon. All of our reptile products and decorations are safe and provide not only an interesting environment for you and your chameleon, but encourage natural behaviours for maximum welfare. For ideas of what may further enrich your chameleon, please speak to a member of our team who will be able to advise.

If you have any questions about the pet you have just purchased, please feel free to give the store you got it from a call.

We hope that you enjoy your newest companion and that you have many happy years together.

We would love to see how your new family member is progressing and encourage you to share updates and photos with us via our social media pages.

Post By Kimberley Roderick