It seems that Christmas comes around more quickly each year, so it is time once more to start planning our shopping list to ensure that we don’t forget to buy gifts for those important people in our lives.

This includes the loyal dogs that stay by our side through thick and thin. They may not understand the concept of Christmas or be able to say thank you, but the joy that they receive from tearing open wrapping paper and playing with the gifts that we have chosen, is all the appreciation we need!

Here are 5 of the top Christmas gifts for dogs that you can order from The Pet Express this festive season. 

Cupid & Comet Christmas Dinner Dog Stocking

You can’t go wrong with a fantastically festive Christmas stocking! Filled with salmon and turkey bites, cheese biscuit treats, a tennis ball toy and a squeaky Christmas cracker chew toy, there are hours of fun to be had on the big day and beyond.

Super Soft Winter Fleece

Available in small, medium and large sizes, this cute fleece will not only keep your dog wonderfully warm this winter, it will ensure that they can join in with the Christmas fun!

Luxury Maxi Rope Caterpillar

A cute and cuddly toy that can be snuggled with or thrown for games of fetch, this fun caterpillar toy is crinkly on each body section and has a hidden squeaker as a little extra surprise.

Cupid & Comet Luxury Silver Velvet Dog Bed

A great gift that will be used throughout the year, this ultra comfortable bed will provide a cosy place for your dog to relax and sleep. It is available in 3 sizes to suit your breed of dog, made from snug velvet material that has a non-slip base. 

Cupid & Comet Turkey & Cranberry Tenders for Dogs 90kg

Made from 85% real turkey, your dogs will love the taste of these delicious tenders! Perfect for giving as a part of a balanced diet, it’s a great way to involve your dog in the Christmas dinner tradition.

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Post By Kimberley Roderick