It’s thirsty work being a dog, particularly on a sunny day when you’ve spent the last half an hour running around like a lunatic chasing everything in sight! When you’re out and about with your dog it is easy to forget just how thirsty they can get. It’s not as though they can nag you like a child would, which is why you have to preempt their needs and make sure that they have enough water to keep them thoroughly hydrated.

There are a number of ways you can do this. The first and foremost is of course, leaving a good-sized water bowl at home for them to graze on during the day. You should always have fresh water down so that they can come and go as they please, and be sure to clean the bowl thoroughly & regularly.

Just like us, dogs need plenty of water in order to maintain their health. With a lack of hydration they can become lethargic, lazy and depressed. If you want your little poochy to keep that gorgeous spring in their step, then be sure to take good care of them and keep them watered at all times!

In this article we are going to explore various other means of keeping your dog hydrated when at home and on the go!

1 - Drinking Water Fountain

Of course, a bowl of drinking water is sufficient, though there are benefits to having a Water Drinking Fountain for your dog. First of all, dogs love drinking water from natural sources, as opposed to stagnant water. The running water from a fountain not only appears to be natural, though it also keeps the water nice and fresh. Its filter means that you won’t have to replace the water everyday and it won’t require cleaning as much as a stagnant water bowl - That and your pooch will enjoy drinking water all the more!

2 - Non-Spill Water Travel Bowl

It can get incredibly hot in your car on those bright summer days, particularly if you’re a dog. The beautiful thing about having one of these  Non-Spill Water Travel Bowls is being able to place them in your car, without having to worry about any spillages.

In fact, the bowls clever design not only reduces your dogs slobber by 90%, but it also keeps long ears and beards out of the water! Zero mess, maximum hydration.

3 - Travel Water Bottle

Travel Water Bottles for dogs are perfect for when you’re out on a long walk in the sunshine! You can keep it clipped onto your belt for convenience, and then simply unfold it and pour when ready. Your dog will be able to conveniently lap the water up from an attachable tray. The bottle holds up to 550ml which is more than enough to keep your beloved pet healthy and hydrated!


When planning days out in the summer with your dog, endeavour to pick dog friendly locations. So, if you end up stopping for lunch or a few drinks in the sun, it is better to go to places where dogs are welcome, as opposed to leaving them in the car. That way you can place a water bowl under the table and enjoy your time in the knowledge that your dog is happy as well!

Ultimately, when you take on the responsibility of having a pet you are in charge of their health and well-being. It can be easy to forget sometimes, but you should never leave the house without some means of hydrating your dog. Dogs are such beautiful creatures who love unconditionally, so make sure you earn it and take the very best care them in return!

Post By Rebecca Clark