Keeping our pets cool in the hot summer months can be difficult. First of all we have to guess how hot they might be feeling, although panting is often a sure sign, then we need to come up with inventive ways of making them more comfortable so that they do not overheat.

At The Pet Express we know how important it is to keep our dogs temperatures under control. To help you and your pet to beat the heat, we have put together some of our favourite cooling products that will make a huge difference to how much you both enjoy the summer sunshine.

Cooling Mats

Activated by the weight of your dog, the Rosewood Cooling Mat will maintain a temperature that is slightly cooler than the ambient conditions. The special cooling material does not need freezing or water to do its job, it will simply adjust to how hot your dog is when it lays down. It is also perfect for rolling up and taking on holiday with you, so your dog will always have a way to cool down.

Paddling Pools

With no need to inflate the Rosewood Cool Down Foldable Paddling Pool, you can be sure of a quick and easy way to keep your dog cool. It is made from fortified MDF so there is no risk of punctures, with a side valve to release the water when you need to fold it away. The perfect way for your dog to keep cool whilst having some fun in the sun!

Cool Down Beds

The Rosewood Luxury Cool Down Pet Bed has a unique gel core which will activate when your dog lies down, helping to cool them down and offer some much needed relief from the heat.

Cool Down Coats

The Prestige Cooling Down Coat is activated by water and is light, cool and soft to the touch. Simply put the coat in water to start, then as the day goes on the water will evaporate, taking with it the heat from your dog's body. This process can be repeated as many times as needed throughout the day.

Fresh, cool water should always be available for your dog, but especially during the summer months. If the heat is unbearable for you, it will most likely be for your dog as well, so always ensure that they have access to shade and to the indoors where they can cool off.

Post By Kimberley Roderick