With the cost of living crisis taking hold for many families across the country, some pet owners are worried about whether they can continue to afford keeping them. This includes reptile owners, who need to consider the running costs for their pet’s enclosures. 

The thought of giving up a pet because of a lack of funds is truly agonising, so leading reptile product supplier Monkfield have conducted an investigation into the real cost of powering these living units. We have summarised the results so that they are easy to digest, which should hopefully help to ease some worries and reassure owners that keeping their reptile is affordable.

What reptiles were included in the study?

Monkfield looked at the energy cost of running enclosures for a Leopard Gecko, Crested Gecko, Bearded Dragon and a Corn Snake.

What energy prices have been used to compare the running costs?

As energy unit prices can vary, the study used an industry average for their comparison. This was an average for electricity in October 2022, using the kilowatt output over a period of 2 weeks.

What were the results?

Leopard Gecko

The cost per day - 19p

The Kw output per day - 0.674 

Bearded Dragon

The cost per day - 37p

The Kw output per day - 1.315

Crested Gecko

The cost per day - 14p 

The Kw output per day - 0.492 

Corn Snake

The cost per day - 28p

The Kw output per day - 0.983 

Is there anything I can do to keep the cost down further?

  • Position the enclosure away from external doors 
  • Keep the curtains closed as much as possible near the unit
  • Use time controlled plugs for lighting accessories
  • Control the temperature with a thermostat
  • Replace your UVB lighting when it reaches their expiry date

We hope this has been helpful in putting to bed some concerns that you may have about running your reptile enclosure. If you are looking to renew your unit in the near future, feel free to call into one of our stores and we will help you narrow down which product is best for you. You can also shop on our website for some high quality, affordable accessories to make your reptile feel right at home.

Post By Kimberley Roderick