With the evenings now much darker, much earlier, it can be worrying if your cat is still out and about. Winter brings with it many more dangers than throughout the rest of the year, even if your cat doesn’t seem to notice them.

We have put together a few easy to follow tips that can help you to ensure your cat is as safe as possible when out after dark, as well as ways to entice them into spending more time at home with you.

Entice them home with a comfy bed

Cats love to snooze at the best of times, but especially when it’s cold and wet outside. Making sure that you provide them with somewhere quiet and comfortable to relax will be crucial in persuading them to stay indoors rather than roaming the streets, so choose a cosy cat bed from our wide collection that is guaranteed to be warm and soft.

Keep antifreeze hidden away

It’s that time of year when we’re filling up our cars with anti-freeze to try and keep them on the road whatever the weather. This can sometimes lead to spillages or drips on the driveway, tracks on the bottom of your shoes and leaking bottles being discarded in the house. It is vital that you keep these away from your cat, as even the smallest of drops being ingested can cause illness and possible fatality. 

Clean the salt from their paws

When your cat is out and about, they are bound to step in salt at some point. If the weather is particularly cold, the local gritters will be out in force salting the roads, as well as local residents salting their drives and paths. This salt can make its way into a cat's paws and make them very sore, so each time they arrive home, try to wash them off in some warm water. They may not like it, but they will thank you for not having poorly paws.

Ensure your cat is visible

Cats will often wander across roads without a care in the world, which is even more risky on a dark, misty night in the winter. Choosing a new collar with reflective features can really help to make a difference, making them more noticeable to drivers and cyclists. Choose from our wide range of cat collars that are both stylish and safe.

Offer a place for your cat to sleep outside

Sometimes a cat just doesn’t want to come indoors. If this sounds familiar, perhaps look at investing in a KatDen, an outdoor shelter that you can place in your garden so that you at least know your pet is in a close vicinity.

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Post By Kimberley Roderick