Whether it’s your dog or someone else's, a dog's bark can sometimes be a piercing and annoying sound. We don’t mean the odd woof here and there, but that constant barking at, well, pretty much anything.

No matter if your dog is young or old, it is never too late to teach them some new tricks, including how to keep their bark under wraps. We have put together some easy to follow tips that can help your household to be a little quieter where your pets are concerned.

Does your dog bark because they are scared?

  • Perhaps your dog is scared of other dogs, or of people walking past your home. Gradually try to show them that it is ok and that they are safe, with kind words and a bit of a fuss made over them
  • Have you taken your dog somewhere new and unfamiliar? This may unsettle them, so again reassurance and giving them attention is essential

Is your dog left alone for long periods?

  • Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety or is left alone for long periods? Interactive puzzles and treat balls are perfect for keeping your dog occupied when they are left alone, removing the reason to bark
  • Give your dog a safe place to sleep in the home when you’re not there. This will make them feel safe and cosy, encouraging them to sleep and rest until you come home 

Are you giving your dog enough stimulation?

  • Your dog may be barking because it is bored
  • Ensure that your dog is getting enough exercise, as this will wear them out and they won't feel the need to bark for your attention
  • The brain will also need to be stimulated, so playtime with you is just as important, with ball games and tug of war for example

General tips on how to stop your dog from barking

  • Shouting at your dog doesn't usually help - they may even think that you are joining in
  • If you use treats to stop your dog barking, extend the times between them. Otherwise your dog will think that it is a game where they receive a reward each time
  • Ignore your dog if they start barking by turning your back on them and only responding when they have stopped

Use training tools to teach your dog

  • Simple training aids can make a real difference and they are completely safe to use
  • Sprays and vibrating collars are examples of things you can try. They are easy to use and will not frighten your dog



Post By Kimberley Roderick