Lifespan: Up to 12-18 months

Food and Diet

Our mice in store are fed on Harry Hamster, we recommend you keep them on this food for at least 2 weeks, you can then put them over onto a pellet diet such as Selective Feeding. At 16 weeks you can also start introducing treats and vegetables, but this should never replace the rest of their diet.

Health and Wellbeing

Mice are a prey animal and can be spooked when young. When handling your mouse we would recommend letting them know that you're near them by gently stroking their back and then scooping them up into your hand and placing them on your lap. Although mice can bite, it is uncommon and with time mice become extremely calm and will really enjoy spending time with you and being handled. Always supervise your mouse when out of its enclosure because they are known to chew anything in their path.

Mice are a nocturnal species and are most active at dawn and dusk. They should be provided with plenty of enrichment within their enclosure to stop them from becoming bored when exploring at night.

Mice are prone to respiratory illnesses and we would recommend using bio-cat as a substrate, as it is a paper-based cat litter that doesn't give off any dust. You should regularly health check your mouse to ensure their eyes are bright and alert, their nose is clear and their bottom is clean.

Living Conditions

Mice require a lot of space to explore and keep them from being bored, if you bought an enclosure from us then you'll be all set and ready to go. They require a lot of toys and enrichment to keep their brains and bodies busy, you should also move the toys around the enclosure every couple of days to keep things fresh and stimulating for them.

We also stock a selection of mouse treats, toys and accessories. A mouse's teeth are always growing so we would recommend wooden toys, mineral blocks and lots of other fun things for them to get their teeth and claws into. You should check that your mouse's teeth and nails do not become overgrown, we sell a range of mineral blocks and other wood chews that will help to keep their teeth short. If they do become overgrown, we recommend a vet visit. We sell nail clippers that are suitable if their nails become overgrown.

If you have any questions about the pet you have just purchased then please feel free to give the store you purchased them from a call.

We hope that you enjoy your newest companion.

Post By Kimberley Roderick