You may think that one size fits all when it comes to dog food, but that actually isn’t the case. Larger dogs will have different needs to smaller breeds, which can be addressed in a variety of different ways through what they eat.

We have taken a closer look at how foods can differ for larger dogs, as well as what they can offer in order to keep your pet happy and healthy.

How is large breed dog food different from others?

  • Larger kibble - dogs are more likely to swallow smaller kibble without chewing which can cause a choking hazard
  • A large breed dog food will usually contain glucosamine to help protect larger and heavier joints
  • It will contain more calcium to help protect larger bones
  • Food designed for larger dogs will have more protein, vitamins and minerals to help support larger bodies
  • Larger dogs may have different energy levels to smaller dogs, so large breed dog food will be designed to cater for this

Is large breed dog food necessary?

Dog parents may think that feeding their large breed dogs more food will help them to become big and strong. However, it is often the quality and not quantity that is important. Feeding your dog more can make them grow bigger at a faster rate, which is actually bad for them. 

When a large breed puppy grows too quickly it can cause problems in the development of their bones and joints, adding too much weight before they are strong enough to handle it. It is vital to ensure that your larger dogs have a complete and balanced diet that contains the appropriate amount of calories and calcium to help them develop at a healthy rate.

Do I need to feed puppies large breed dog food?

Yes, it would be best to feed your large breed puppy a large breed dog food. It is important that these breeds of puppies receive the appropriate amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates, all required to satisfy their nutritional needs at an early stage.

When to feed large breed dog food?

It is important to start feeding your large breed dog a form of large breed food from when they are puppies. A large breed puppy food will contain all of the nutritional requirements they need to grow slowly and steadily, which is why large breed dogs can take up to two years to reach their final size. 

Does large breed dog food have more calories?

Bigger dogs do not usually burn calories as quickly as smaller dogs, so a specific dog food for larger dogs will tend to contain fewer overall calories. If their dog food has more calories, they will put on weight more easily and this will put more strain on their joints and organs, which can lead to wide range of medical issues.

What are the best large breed dog foods?

Here are just a few of our favourite dog food for large breeds, all of which have been specially designed for their needs.

Canagan Free Range Chicken Grain Free Large Breed Dog Food

This hypoallergenic recipe is highly nutritious and easy to digest, developed to offer ample protein and energy for a larger breed.

Symply Adult Large Breed Fresh Chicken Dry Dog Food

This great tasting recipe is full of vitamins and minerals that will help to boost the immune system. It is hypoallergenic and easy to digest, as well as bursting with flavour.

MORE Dog +Support Large Breed Chicken Dry Dog Food

This complete and balanced recipe is made with natural ingredients and is gluten free. It contains omega 3, prebiotics and antioxidants that will help your dog to grow big, strong and healthy.

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Post By Kimberley Roderick