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Small Animals

Small animals are popular pets for adults and children alike, and they are easy to keep with the right housing, food and proper care. Our priority if your pet’s wellbeing which is why we endeavour to provide you with the best living spaces, food, toys and accessories for your small animals.

Our huge range of pet accessories includes everything you need to get started with a new pet or maintain your pet’s health and nutrition. Whether you enjoy keeping mice, hamsters, rabbits, rats, chinchillas, ferrets and guinea pigs; we have all of the essentials (and plenty of fun non-essentials!) to meet your animal’s needs.

Please browse our categories below to learn more about our high quality hutches, cages, feeders, toys, bedding and other small animal accessories.


7 Of The Most Unusual Pets...Ever

Friday 11th April 2014 (Click Here for full post)

We love our cats and dogs but some people would rather have more.... unique animals as friends. Depending on the animal that they have got their heart set on this is actually quite achievable, and once a few hurdles are overcome the relationship can be just as rewarding as keeping any of the more conventional pets. Exotic pets can be rather costly to keep and due to their rarity it can be difficult to find any help with or for them, should any be required. Bearing that in mind here are seven...

Creating the perfect guinea pig hutch!

Wednesday 22nd August 2012 (Click Here for full post)

Guinea pigs are incredibly popular pets here in the UK, and are particularly great for children. Often, though, they are left in hutches which are too small for them or that don’t meet their other needs. In this blog, I’ll be showing you what each guinea pig hutch should include, in order to create the perfect home for your furry friends!

The hutch should be large enough for your guinea pig to exercise in and high enough for them to stand on...

A Beginner’s Guide To Owning Rabbits

Tuesday 1st May 2012 (Click Here for full post)

Carrying on with our series of ‘Beginner’s Guides’ blogs, today I thought I’d have a look at one of the Uk’s best-loved pets: the rabbit! Sadly, rabbits are also one of the UK’s most neglected pets for many reasons. Firstly, they’re often bought at the insistence of children, who quickly become bored with them. Then, they’re left on their own, in hutches that are far too small for them. Although they’re still fed and cleaned out, they don’t have the exercise and...