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Cat & Kitten Supplies

Cats and kittens are among the most popular domestic pets. They may be independent creatures, but cats and kittens still require plenty of care, attention and love. This is why we keep a healthy stock of a range of cat food, bedding, collars, exercise equipment and other accessories; to ensure your beloved pet is happy, healthy and well catered for.

Among our collection of essentials (and irresistible non-essentials) we have a number of popular brands including Arden Grange, Go-Cat and Whiskas cat food, ensuring your pet is provided with the best that they deserve. The full range includes everything you need to provide for your cat or kitten whatever your budget; everything from nutrition to hygiene, microchip cat flaps and cat kennels can be found in one online pet shop!

Please browse our categories below to find out more about the fantastic products we have available for cats and kittens.


The 5 Best Flea Treatments For Cats

Tuesday 2nd August 2016 (Click Here for full post)

Fleas are extremely common in cats and are quite often the cause for further skin problems that may affect your cat so it is very important to treat them as soon as you notice it. Luckily there are a wide range of treatments you can try and we will give you the low down on the 5 best flea treatments for cats by looking at cost, ease of administration and effectiveness with a rating out of 10 for each to help you decide on the best method for you and your cat. How Do I Know If My Cat Has...

Our Top 5 Funny Cat Videos

Wednesday 15th July 2015 (Click Here for full post)

After watching (literally) hundreds of funny cat videos growing up, we still cannot help but make ourselves look and feel like fools whilst giggling stupidly and uncontrollably at a our computer screens. Whether it's a cat failing a short jump or pushing expensive things off a shelf, for some reason it's almost impossible for us not to find the silly acts shown in these funny cat videos anything short of hilarious. If you have the time, there is a whole litter full of...

What Are Hairballs & How To Prevent Them

Friday 24th April 2015 (Click Here for full post)

There are so many perks to owning pets that we couldn’t possibly list them all. But hairballs definitely aren’t one of them! These slimy clumps of matted fur are probably well known to the cat owners amongst you, and have most likely been discovered when wandering around the house in your bare feet. Hairballs are generally harmless, but in certain animals can be fatal and should be treated with caution and prevented if possible. Hairballs are mostly found in cats, although they do also...

How To Prevent Pet Theft

Tuesday 24th March 2015 (Click Here for full post)

You probably did not know this, but last week was Pet Theft Awareness week; which is funny considering apparently no one was aware of it. Despite its lack of publicity, we feel that all pet owners should be well aware that pet theft does happen, and by no means is it an uncommon occurrence. Statistics suggest that around 2,000,000 dogs are stolen each year in the USA, and even though the average number of pet thefts reported in the UK is only around 4,000, it's clear that it is still a very big...

Our Guide To Cat First Aid - Part Two

Thursday 5th February 2015 (Click Here for full post)

In the first part of our guide to cat first aid we covered what to do if your cat has a bleeding wound, a broken bone, heat stoke, or has been burnt or scalded. In part two we intend to cover more common cat injuries and ailments, so that if anything unfortunate should befall your cat you'll know exactly what to do.

Injured Tail:

Whether they are forcefully pulled on or trapped in a closing door, any injury that befalls a cat's tail should be taken seriously. If your cat's tail...