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Birds and Aviary

Pet birds and parrots are hugely diverse creatures. This diversity makes them very popular and rewarding pets, but it means that their needs differ greatly too. Whether you own budgies, finches, parrots, cockatiels, macaws or simply tend to the wild birds in your garden, our aim is to provide you with all of the essentials to meet your avian needs.

Our extensive range of bird supplies includes a number of popular brands and well respected products to give your bird the best home possible. We also cater for all of your pet’s nutritional requirements with our array of specialist foods, which includes everything from wild bird seed for the garden to exotic fruit feeds.

Please browse our categories of bird and aviary supplies below to learn more about the assortment of quality products we have to offer you and your pets.


Bird Feeding - Wild Birds Care Guide

Wednesday 18th February 2015 (Click Here for full post)

In addition to many other things, February has been dubbed Bird-Feeding Month, which has inspired us at the Pet Express to put together this neat little wild bird care and feeding guide. It may be surprising to learn that feeding birds is not actually as simple as throwing bread to ducks or scattering sesame seeds on the floor. As the seasons pass by, your bird feeding efforts need to change to take into consideration the bird's dietary needs, which are heavily dictated by the environmental...

7 Of The Most Unusual Pets...Ever

Friday 11th April 2014 (Click Here for full post)

We love our cats and dogs but some people would rather have more.... unique animals as friends. Depending on the animal that they have got their heart set on this is actually quite achievable, and once a few hurdles are overcome the relationship can be just as rewarding as keeping any of the more conventional pets. Exotic pets can be rather costly to keep and due to their rarity it can be difficult to find any help with or for them, should any be required. Bearing that in mind here are seven...

Fill Your Garden With Birds This Winter

Thursday 17th October 2013 (Click Here for full post)

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, it’s not just us humans that require more to keep warm. The wildlife that commonly visits our gardens during summer gradually reduces in numbers throughout autumn and into winter, with only a few species of hardy birds staying behind. While others flee to warmer climates, many native species stick around and try to survive the harsh temperatures that the winter can bring. But that’s not to say they don’t need our help. A recent study...

Look After Your Garden Birds This Spring!

Monday 8th April 2013 (Click Here for full post)

Since we’re having something of a ‘bonus winter’ this year, plenty of places across the country are still experiencing freezing conditions and even snow. This unseasonably cool weather has left us with one of the coldest Easters on record, but garden birds are preparing for their nesting season and need our help to survive through these final weeks of the cold snap. With that in mind, here are a few of our tips for encouraging wild birds into your garden in spring: Put a variety of...

Tips on feeding Wild Birds during the summer

Wednesday 3rd August 2011 (Click Here for full post)

Many of us make the extra effort to feed the wild birds during the winter months when there is frost and snow on the ground, but it seems they might need our help during the summer months too. If our weather is exceptionally dry the soil becomes hard which results in a shortage of earthworms, and affects the birds known as ground feeders. If our summer weather turns suddenly cold or wet, a severe shortage of insect food can occur, leaving our wild birds with a very limited...