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Dog Owner's First Aid Guide - Basic First Aid Part 1

Tuesday 18th of November 2014 (Click Here for full post)

In our last post we covered how to act in the immediate aftermath of an injury befalling your, or anyone else's, dog; but whilst knowing what to do before giving first aid is essential, it is all but meaningless if you do not know how to follow it up. Before covering these basic first aid points however, and at the risk...

Dog Owner's First Aid Guide - Before Giving First Aid

Thursday 6th of November 2014 (Click Here for full post)

Whether as a result of being sent for training or undertaking it on our own volition, a lot of people out there have had some kind of basic first aid training. Even if we have never had official training the majority of people will know how to dress a minor wound or what to do if somebody else is choking; and – let's be honest – it is practically impossible these days to get to 20 without knowing how to put somebody in the recovery position, and having had to at least once. But what are we supposed to do if it...

Winter Feature – Why Do Animals Hibernate?

Tuesday 4th of November 2014 (Click Here for full post)

Hibernation is a strange concept to most people, even those of us who enjoy a good 10 hours of sleep wake up feeling famished, so how can some animals go to sleep for over 10 weeks without starving to death? Most of us will know from young age that some animals hibernate throughout the winter, but when we're little we also just accepted the fact, and did not ask 'why do animals hibernate?'. For the most part you can put any action that a wild animal performs down to survival, so it is reasonable to say that animals...

New In: Royal Canin Urban Life Dog Food

Tuesday 28th of October 2014 (Click Here for full post)

Well known amongst dog owners for the high quality of their food, Royal Canin are equally well renowned for the particularity and specificity of the dog food that they produce. By this we mean that rather than trying to make a 'one-size-fits-all' dog food, they strive to produce an individual meal for each individual type of dog; so there is one meal for small breed puppies, another for large breed puppies, another for large breed adults, and so on.

New Product: KatDen Cat Kennels

Wednesday 15th of October 2014 (Click Here for full post)

Anyone with a cat will know that when they're not trying to turn your lap, or laptop, into a bed, they like nothing more than to take a stroll outside. Cats are rather independent creatures and whilst many owners like to allow their feline friends to come and go as they please, there is always a sense of apprehension and trepidation when you see them jump over and disappear behind the garden fence.


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