This blog has been rather fur-centric recently, so today I thought I would turn my attention to one of the most popular lizards to keep as pets: the bearded dragon.

Native to Australia, bearded dragons grow to a maximum of 60cm and feature a distinctive, spiky “ruff” around their face as well as beautiful, sandy coloured markings. The spiky ridges along their side look pretty menacing, but dragons are actually very gentle animals.

Bearded dragons make fantastic first lizards as they’re one of the easiest species to look after and are great pets for older children. They’re active during the day, don’t need a huge amount of space and are very easy to handle. When it comes to their diet they require vegetables as well as insects, and they’re easily homed in a vivarium like most other lizards.


If your interest is peaked, but you don’t know where to start, The Pet Express has you covered! We have a fantastic Bearded Dragon Starter Kit that comes with everything you need. As well as a gorgeous beech VivExotic vivarium, we’ve included dishes, a heating rock, sand, slate, plants and two heat lamps. We even throw in a fantastic manual that has all the information you need to keep your bearded dragon happy, comfortable and healthy.  Take a look at our new range of food for reptiles, with a wide selection of nutritious live insects.

In fact, our Bearded Dragon Starter Kit is so complete, all you need to add is the dragon itself! If you’re in the South West of the UK check out our Ark Pet Centres in Plymouth, Exeter and Torquay, and our friendly staff will be happy to help you find your perfect dragon.

Post By Marc