As the summer is about to say farewell it is time to get your rabbit hutch ready for the autumn and prepared for the colder nights ahead.

Firstly, give your rabbit hutch a good check over to make sure there are no holes, damp patches or leaks and make any necessary repairs.  If you find you have more patches than rabbit hutch, it might be time to upgrade your bunny to a new home so they have a warm and secure place for the winter. Many online retailers now have their rabbit hutches on sale, so there is no better time to invest in a new habitat for your pet.

Your rabbit hutch should be waterproofed, but if you have had it for a few years, it may need a new coat of protection to prevent the wood from rotting and the hutch from becoming damp. This protection is widely available in DIY stores but always check it is pet friendly and that you have somewhere secure to keep your rabbit for a few days while it dries.

Ensure your hutch is raised off the ground to prevent flooding and damp, and preferably in a south facing position to protect it from strong winds.

Covering the whole hutch with a specially made rabbit hutch cover is ideal; this will keep the heat in and the harsh weather conditions out, while still allowing sufficient ventilation.  The hutch cover can should be rolled up during the day to allow fresh air to circulate and then closed down at night.

Extra bedding and a thicker layer of floor litter will help insulate your rabbit hutch and keep your bunny snug at night.

Consider giving your rabbit a little extra food during the colder months as they use up more energy keeping warm, and regularly check their water supply as you do in the warmer months.

Your rabbit will still need its daily exercise during the winter months to prevent boredom and frustration so try to organise a suitable place before the wet and cold weather sets in.  If your garden shed is dry and secure this could be an option, alternatively you should bring your rabbit inside your home to stretch its long beautiful legs.

A few small preparations now could make all the difference to your pet’s well-being, so get your rabbit hutch in perfect condition before the autumn arrives.

Post By Marc