Pet Specialist Manor Garden Hutch

Constructed using some of the best designs available on the market today, our recently added, brand new selection of guinea pig and rabbit hutches are made from all sorts of different materials - including wood, metal and plastic - to ensure that there is an outdoor hutch to meet the needs of every potential buyer.

Long-lasting and hard-wearing, these guinea pig and rabbit hutches are designed to be weather-resistant and will easily stand up to all but the harshest weather conditions. Fortunately, we also offer a range of outdoor hutch covers and weather shields, which can be easily applied and removed depending on the weather.

As well as offering protection from the weather and potential predators, our assortment of  outdoor hutches for rabbits and guinea pigs have been designed to provide an unparalleled level convenience to pet owners by making it as easy as possible for them to gain access to and clean the inside of their hutches. What's more, most of small animal hutches are delivered flat-packed and are quick and easy to assemble.


Decorative Outdoor Hutch Weather Shield

Fun, stylish and perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs and even other small animals; treat your pet to one of our great new hutches today. They can even be used as temporary outdoor homes, providing your pet with a nice Summer vacation home to enjoy when the sun is shining, the weather is warm and they fancy a change of scenery.

Post By Marc