If you are thinking about keeping an exotic pet or plant species, then you are going to need a suitable home for it to live in.

A Vivarium is the perfect habitat for raising reptiles and amphibians such as snakes, lizards, iguana, bearded dragons and geckos, as it allows you to create an eco-system similar to that which your exotic pet would live in, in the wild.

Vivarium is the Latin word for “place of life” and that is exactly what you need to create for your new pet, as controlled environment conditions are vital for most reptiles and amphibians to survive.

While other reptile housing such as terrariums are generally glass structures that look similar to a fish tank, Vivariums are designed to look like a piece of furniture and create a focal point in any room.

Available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and wood or metallic finishes, it is easy to find a Vivarium that will create a suitable living environment for your pet, and one that will look stylish in your home.

VivExotic Vivarium

VivExotic are market leaders in contemporary Vivariums and exotic pet accessories, and are currently the biggest manufacturers of flat pack Vivariums in the United Kingdom.

Continually updating their collections, they produce stunning Vivariums and cabinets, to provide your reptile with the best housing possible.

As a rule, we always advise purchasing the largest Vivarium you can afford.  Reptiles and other exotic species need space to hide, climb and grow in, so it is wise to invest at the start of your venture and avoid changing your pet’s habitat in later years.

Post By Marc