Teaching your dog to walk calmly and safely on a lead can be a fairly difficult task. I have a Border Collie at home so trust me, I know! However difficult it can be, it’s very important to ensure that you get it right for your safety and your dog’s, not to mention making walks much more pleasurable for the both of you!

Haltis have been around for 25 years, and are well regarded as the best way to successfully lead train your dog. Created by an animal psychologist and tested by veterinarians and orthopaedic specialists, they’re completely safe and prevent any damage being done to your dog’s neck.

Unlike the traditional Halti headcollar, the harness sits over your dog’s chest and shoulders and completely controls where your dog can move. It’s very comfortable for any breed to wear due to its extra padding and three sizes. The harness also comes with a comprehensive training guide in order for you to make the most out of this fantastic product.

We currently have a great offer on our Halti Harnesses. For a limited time all sizes come with a free clicker, which is a fantastic tool for reinforcing good behaviour when training your dog. The Harness is available in Small, Medium and Large, so if you dread walkies and feel like they’re a constant tug-of-war then order yours today.

Post By Marc