Dogs and puppies must be exercised year-round to ensure their physical and mental health is maintained. Unfortunately the weather is not always kind to us, and recently the wet weather we have been experiencing in the UK has not made for very enjoyable walks for owners or their pets.

Whilst we are more than capable of wrapping up warm with waterproofs, scarves, coats and wellies, we shouldn’t take it for granted that our dog’s natural coat will keep him protected from the elements. For smaller breeds, shorthaired dogs and older dogs an extra layer of protection is needed to keep the cold and damp from making your pet uncomfortable.

Different types of dog coats will suit different breeds and requirements; from quilted jackets to keep terriers and smaller dogs warm to water resistant wax jackets to keep the rain off and hi-vis coats for walks on dark winter evenings. What’s most important is that the coat fits your dog properly so it is comfortable and secure. The two most important measurements to take are the length and girth of your dog, measuring from the base of the neck to the base of the tail and around the middle of the body.

Most dog coats fasten with Velcro around the middle and around the chest area, allowing some room for adjustment but ensuring a comfortable fit with no interruption to your pet’s freedom of movement although some dog jackets which cover the legs may require you to take more measurements.

We have a number of practical and fashionable dog coats and jackets over on The Pet Express to suit all dogs this winter. The cold and wet is likely to last a few more months yet so treating your pet to a new item of protective clothing is a great investment to help them enjoy exercising. For those of you with particularly active dogs who love nothing more than playing in puddles, a water resistant dog coat will help save your furniture from wet and muddy fur!

Take a look through our full range of dog coats to learn more about the items we have to offer, and do let us know how your dogs get on with their jackets this season! We love seeing photos of our customers’ pets, so send us to them via our Twitter or Facebook pages and we will share our favourites with our followers!

Post By Marc