While it may seem a little odd to be talking about fireworks in the middle of the summer, unfortunately the Jubilee celebrations have meant that people in my street have been setting them off all weekend. My poor cats and dog have been terrified and I’m sure that many other pet owners are in the same position. This blog will give you some useful tips for helping your pets deal with the noise, whether the Jubilee fireworks keep on going or in preparation for later in the year.

When it comes to dogs and cats, the best thing to do is keep them indoors when it is dark and fireworks are likely to go off. This means that they won’t panic and run somewhere that they can’t escape from. Make sure that your pet is kept secure throughout the night, but if they do escape, make sure that they are microchipped. What you should do, though, is give them a place in your home to hide and let them relax there. A cupboard is usually a good idea, but my old Staffordshire Bull Terrier used to hide under my parrot’s cage!

When your pets are inside and the fireworks are starting to go off, be sure to close all windows and curtains as this will help to muffle the sounds. If your pet looks scared or stressed, the best thing to do is to ignore this. Don’t treat them any differently to how you would normally. While fussing over them might seem like it will help to reassure them, it will actually cause more behavioural problems in the future.

With dogs in particular, you should create a special area for them. Black out any windows so that they don’t see any flashing lights and fill the area with your dog’s favourite toys and bedding. Move your dog to this area before the fireworks start. Then, when they do, ignore the fireworks completely. You can try to encourage your dog to play with you, but it is important not to force him if he’s not interested.

Follow these simple tips and noisy fireworks are sure to be much less stressful for you and your pets! In fact, if you have any handy tips of your own, be sure to share them with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages!

Post By Marc