If you own a cat then you have probably been exposed to the dreaded hairball. Extremely common among cats and at the same time, extremely annoying for us, these rather unsightly hairballs can be potentially dangerous if they do not pass through your cats system as they should.

Hairballs look far worse than they actually are, but there is nothing worse than stepping onto one first thing in the morning with bare feet!, and while our cats do not know any different, I am quite sure they feel discomfort as these hairballs build up in their system, and passing them orally must be uncomfortable too.

Posing a potential danger, hairballs that do not pass through your cats system naturally can cause painful blockages in the stomach and intestines – which can be very serious indeed.

As part of the grooming process, the accumulation of hairballs is inevitable but the good thing is we can do something to limit the impact they have on our cats.

Quality cat food designed to minimise the formation of hairballs while aiding the passage of ingested hairs through the digestive system, will help reduce the amount of hairballs in your cat.

A leader in this field is the Science Plan Feline Hairball Control adult cat food. A completely balanced and nutritional diet, it has a higher level of vegetable fibres to help the movement of ingested hairs.

Less hairballs = less regurgitation, and that can only lead to a happier, healthier cat.

Iams is another well-recognised brand of cat food and they too cater for our cats with hairball problems.

The Iams Cat food Hairball control system is a complete diet enriched with ingredients to reduce the formation of hairballs by gently carrying accumulated hair through the digestive tract. A natural way to minimise the discomfort caused by hairballs, this great menu is already very popular with cat owners across the country.

Cats are wonderful creatures that give a lot without asking much in return, so treat your beautiful pet to the very best cat food and have a happy, healthy, hairball free cat!

Post By Marc