Since we’re having something of a ‘bonus winter’ this year, plenty of places across the country are still experiencing freezing conditions and even snow. This unseasonably cool weather has left us with one of the coldest Easters on record, but garden birds are preparing for their nesting season and need our help to survive through these final weeks of the cold snap.

With that in mind, here are a few of our tips for encouraging wild birds into your garden in spring:

Put a variety of feed for them. This should include seeds, peanuts and fat balls, and do take care to put them in feeders and on tables where they are accessible to birds but out of reach of pesky squirrels and other pests (this can be a real challenge, particularly for those who live in the country).

Encourage ground feeders into your garden by clearing snow from your lawns. The black birds will appreciate the chance to get at some worms!

Leave some water for bathing and drinking. Though it might be cold, grey or even snowing, winter can be a very dry period. Make sure you break the ice of any frozen bird baths or leave out fresh water daily, but never add salt or anti-freezing agents to the water.

Preserve old trees that have holes in them or provide nesting boxes for birds. This will give the birds somewhere to nest and rear their young, and it is a real joy to see the young birds take their first flight!

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Post By Marc