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The Pet Expert

Comment on Small Animal products for the winter

Small Animal products for the winter

Posted on Thursday 25th of November 2010

Continuing our theme of winter products for your pet we are looking at small animal products to keep your small animal comfortable during this rapidly cooling winter. The most important thing to buy your small animal in a cold winter is bedding and lots of it! Hay is a good example as it is both food and bedding but be careful that they don't eat it all and keep topping up the hay in your pet's cage or hutch. For indoor pets hopefully the house will be warm, but they will still need...Read More

Comment on Rabbit Hutches – the summer collection

Rabbit Hutches – the summer collection

Posted on Saturday 21st of May 2011

Whether you own rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets or chinchillas – you need something to house them in.  A good quality, escape and predator proof hutch is essential for your pet to live a long and happy life, and as the summer is almost upon us, there is no better time for buying a new hutch. Take a look at some of our current best sellers, fantastic hutches that...Read More

Comment on What size Rabbit Hutch do I need?

What size Rabbit Hutch do I need?

Posted on Saturday 28th of May 2011

Rabbits make great family pets; intelligent and friendly creatures that make fantastic companions, and they do not need a huge amount of maintenance to live a long and happy life as part of your family. Before choosing your rabbit you should consider where it is going to live, inside your house, or outside in your garden, so that you can make an informed decision on its housing. Rabbits will live quite happily in either location, providing they have a suitable Read More

Comment on Keeping Rabbits – Part 1.

Keeping Rabbits – Part 1.

Posted on Monday 11th of July 2011

It is estimated that over 1 million UK citizens now own a rabbit as a family pet.  Coming in just behind Dogs and cats, these delightful creatures are an extremely popular choice due to their friendly nature and sociable qualities. Looking after a rabbit is not terribly difficult, but you do need to consider their five basic needs for a long and happy life – Environment, Diet, Natural Behaviour, Companions and Health. Here is the first of our two part series, giving you...Read More

Comment on A huge selection of Rabbit Hutches!

A huge selection of Rabbit Hutches!

Posted on Sunday 4th of March 2012

Rabbits come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and so it is only right that we offer rabbit hutches to complement each and every breed! The rule of buying a rabbit hutch is simple, the larger the rabbit the larger the rabbit hutch should be, and whether you own tiny Netherland Dwarfs or large English Lops, we are confident you will find the perfect rabbit hutch amongst our collection. Read More