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The Pet Expert

Comment on 7 Of The Most Unusual Pets...Ever

7 Of The Most Unusual Pets...Ever

Posted on Friday 11th of April 2014

We love our cats and dogs but some people would rather have more.... unique animals as friends. Depending on the animal that they have got their heart set on this is actually quite achievable, and once a few hurdles are overcome the relationship can be just as rewarding as keeping any of the more conventional pets. Exotic pets can be rather costly to keep and due to their rarity it can be difficult to find any help with or for them, should any be required. Bearing that in mind here are seven...Read More

Comment on Dental Care for Small Animals

Dental Care for Small Animals

Posted on Friday 22nd of March 2013

There’s plenty of information around about dental care for cats and dogs, and many of the biggest names in pet food make chews and treats which are specifically made for healthy teeth, but what about small animals? Smaller pets like rabbits and guinea pigs have rooted teeth which grow throughout their lives – as much as 2mm per week for some pets! So it’s important that you help your pet wear down their teeth by giving them the right foods. Rabbits and guinea pigs need...Read More

Comment on It’s Rabbit Awareness Week!

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week!

Posted on Tuesday 18th of September 2012

That’s right, the 15th – 22nd September is officially known as Rabbit Awareness Week! Working in conjunction with the RSPCA, PDSA and other animal charities, RAW aims to highlight the proper way to care for rabbits to ensure that that they have a long and happy life. Unfortunately, rabbits are one of the most neglected pets in the UK. Often, parents buy them for their children after much nagging. This means that, when the children...Read More

Comment on Creating the perfect guinea pig hutch!

Creating the perfect guinea pig hutch!

Posted on Wednesday 22nd of August 2012

Guinea pigs are incredibly popular pets here in the UK, and are particularly great for children. Often, though, they are left in hutches which are too small for them or that don’t meet their other needs. In this blog, I’ll be showing you what each guinea pig hutch should include, in order to create the perfect home for your furry friends!

Read More

Comment on The Pet Express Giveaway!

The Pet Express Giveaway!

Posted on Monday 20th of August 2012

Monday the 20th August sees something very exciting indeed happening over on The Pet Express Facebook page! At 10.30am, we will be uploading a special picture; an extreme close-up of a pet. All you have to do to enter is to Like the Pet Express Facebook page, and then comment on that picture telling us whether you think it is a dog or a cat. The competition will run until 1pm on Friday,...Read More

Comment on Fight back against fleas!

Fight back against fleas!

Posted on Tuesday 3rd of July 2012

Fleas can be a nightmare for any pet owner, however clean you keep your furry friend! I mean, I had to de-flea our three cats just last night! That’s why I thought I’d put together this useful guide to identifying whether any of your animals have a flea problem and then how you can get rid of the little bloodsuckers! Firstly, though, some flea facts! There are actually many different types of fleas, such as dog fleas or cat...Read More